What products we are using
to protect you from Covid-19

Brooklyn Trattoria is committed to the highest standards of health and cleanliness for our extended family of customers and employees. We utilize the best anti-COVID products and methods available, from advanced Protexus PURTAB disinfecting treatments to good old-fashioned deep cleaning, to help ensure our neighborhood restaurant remains as safe and sanitary as can be.


Electrostatic and mist spray treatment, with PURTABS, allows Expresso technicians to safely sanitize surfaces while at the same time protecting our team. Surfaces can safely be wiped down if needed achieving a deep clean result. Please see the link to PROTEXUS for more technical information.

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Expresso technicians use the PROTEXUS Electrostatic Sprayer and misters to treat surfaces with PURTABS effervescent sanitizing disinfection tablets, which is EPA approved for emerging pathogens. Read more about Tier 1 PURTABS and see the CBC link below listing approved sanitizers for emerging pathogens.

Preventive Disinfection Application:

We treat facilities with our PROTEXUS Electrostatic equipment and electric misting tools and spray/sanitize all common/touch areas. We treat desk, keyboards, walls, doors, handles, basically any touchable surface. We treat/spray all hard surfaces. We can treat desks with paper and items, per your direction.

PURTABS EPA Certified Disinfectant has a light chlorine scent for about 10 minutes and evaporates with little or no powdery residue. Please review the digital brochure on PURTABS for more information.

Please review the digital brochure on the effectivity of PURTABS

What if there’s a reported confirmed or suspected Coronavirus case?

We wait a minimum of 24+ hours before entering the space from the time of exposure (longer if possible). We suggest 3 days per current information on the Coronavirus.

Next, Expresso technicians, with proper PPE, using Expresso/CDC procedures, will treat the entire space except for sensitive electronic equipment.

Horizontal surfaces, and desks with paper and miscellaneous items, will be treated/sprayed unless otherwise requested. We will treat everything from floor to ceiling, including walls.

Last we spray hard surface floors and carpet.

Carpet, tile and grout surfaces can be steam-clean extracted with our Aero-Tech Steam Trucks, CRI Carpet & Rug Institute & Green Seal Certified. AeroTech equipment provides constant steam temperature extraction for sanitizing surfaces.

Expresso cannot be held responsible for physical damages for treatment with sanitizers